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Wonder Woman 2.0 Training Ground

You are the girl who hates being like everyone else.

Invited to a party? You have to find an obscure shop or boutique or have something made to ensure no one will look like you.

You pride yourself on being different.

You bore easily.

It's not that you're stuck up or being extra, you're responding to a feeling in your being. You're not trying to outshine the next girl, you're an anomaly and you know it.

You love to stand out, turn heads, and make 'em check for you. 

I'm a girl who totally speaks that language. 

Here in the training ground get the tools to start stepping into your identity as a Wonder Woman 2.0.


Sword - Social Media Planner - A 31-day planner + 30 images to cut through inertia and start taking action. 

Shield - WONDERful Power of a Roadmap - an article that outlines how to block the evil villains of marketing - overwhelm, confusion, distraction and loneliness.

Mindset - StoryFILES - five audio recordings to help you slay these villains 'cause you can't be a Wonder Woman until you get your mind right. 

Unlock the training ground below and let's get to work. 

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Brand Story Guide

👑ATTENTION: Wonder Woman 2.0, Coaches, Personal Brands, Authors, Entrepreneurs 👑

“I would love for someone to duplicate everything I do.” Said, no business person ever. 💁🏾

But it happens right? 

🙄You’re good at a service, but you know at least a handful of others who offer the same. 
🙄 You create a product. Someone copies it (All the way down to your personal slang). 
🙄 Every time you look up, someone is following you and not in a good way.

But the one thing they can never copy is your story. No one can do what you do in the way that you do it with the story you have. NO ONE!

Your story is the one thing that has been bought and paid for with your experiences, your expertise and your point of view. 

You’ve earned your story and now is the time to tell it.

Your story helps you stand out and build influence.

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THE LEAGUE Network - Create Your Brand Story Group

Story + Marketing + Wonder Woman Mindset + Superfriends = THE LEAGUE Network. 

Join us. 

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5 Stages of Business Marketing

Not sure what marketing tasks you should work on and when? 🤷‍♀️

Download the 5 Stages of Business Marketing.

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StoryWONDER Challenge

Are you ready to build and grow your influence with story?

If so, you're ready for the StoryWonder Challenge. It's a FREE mini-course of video lessons and workbooks dripped out over five days. It gives you time to take in the message and take action to tell your story. 


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Marketing Success Swag Bag

Every Wonder Woman needs tools. 🙋🏾‍♀️ Lucky for you, I’ve put some of my best freebies into this new “Marketing Success Swag Bag.”

From storytelling to social media marketing to Facebook advertising and an upcoming network, if you are all about marketing your business, the "Marketing Success Swag Bag" is your new digital accessory. 

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StoryWONDER Beta

If you loved the StoryWONDER Challenge, you're going to swoon over the full StoryWONDER curriculum. 

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12 Days to Slay the New Year

➡️Did you set a marketing/business-related New Year’s resolution for 2019?

➡️Did you see at 2019 meme that declared it to be “your year”? Did you post it on social media? 

➡️Felt excited and ready to finally change your business? 

And now? Where are you? 🙄


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THE LEAGUE Network Membership

Every hero (or business owner) faces challenges. Anyone attempting to change the status quo comes up against obstacles. In business, for many, the main obstacle is marketing.

Lack of knowledge of marketing creates four villains: distraction, overwhelm, confusion and loneliness.

Each with its own set of evil characteristics.

THE LEAGUE Network is your virtual sword to help you defeat them, but the real villain killer is you. 

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StoryINTENSIVE & Business Strategy

One-hour intensive and strategy session via video call. Includes written report and plan for next steps. 

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