Wonder Woman 2.0 Training Ground


In the training ground,

  • Learn more about your mentor Reesy, The Digital Wonder Woman
  • Get access to 5-minute audio recordings to learn why your story is important and why now is the time to tell it
  • Read why having a roadmap is important for marketing success
  • Have an opportunity to connect with me for your personal business intensive because you know you can't afford to waste any more time
  • And receive one of my favorite resources the 31 days social media planner

All the world is waiting for you and the wonder you possess. The training ground is the first step to getting to know how you can really start being that girl yearning to be like none other. 

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The WONDERful Power of a Roadmap

1 Lessons

If you had to drive to a town you knew very little about, how would you approach your journey?

Would you ask for directions? Would you use a navigator or a roadmap?

And if, some of your friends offered to ride with you, would you grab the opportunity?

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Social Media Planner

1 Lessons

You know that feeling you get when you don't know what to post on social media.

You start to feel like you're failing, like no one cares about your stuff and eventually, you convince yourself that your talent doesn't matter. 

Not on my watch ...



1 Lessons

Grab this bundle of audio files that give insights in why story is important to your business and how story is a part of our everday lives. 

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About Reesy - The Digital Wonder Woman

1 Lessons


My birth name is Shereese. Want to learn how I became a wonder woman, keep reading ...