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You feel mediocre. Sure, you talk a good game, you can look fancy and check all the right boxes, but in your quiet time, you wonder if you’re truly more. 

You feel average -- so very average, which is in direct contrast to the core belief that one day you will set the world on fire if only people knew your name.

You feel insecure. In your head, you are a goddess, but it's only in your head. 

In fact, you have made those three things a dream-killer destination park. And you’re looking for someone to come get you off the ride.

You’re wondering: 

  • Does my existence matter?
  • Will people care about what I do?
  • Will people remember me?
  • Will people say my name? 
  • Will history be kind?
  • Will my life make a difference?


Here’s the thing: You don’t need permission to WONDERful. Well, let me rethink that. You do need permission, YOURS.

What if? 

  • You had everything you needed to finally start moving forward (and you do)?
  • You finally released your story to the world and they love it?
  • You know where and how to market that story?
  • You attract people to work with you?
  • You finally did the work needed to change your conversation?
  • You actually knew what you were doing when it came to marketing?
  • Your marketing attracted the right audience?
  • You didn’t feel incompetent with marketing?
  • You had a marketing success system you could use yourself or use to train an assistant?

And what if story + marketing was fun and relatable?

Would you? 

  • Get more done?
  • Be more visible?
  • Make a bigger impact?
  • Focus more on changing your corner of the world? 
  • Sell more? 
  • Make more money?

And what if?

  • I told you, you need a hero? And it’s not me or the hottest face on the net.
  • I told you the hero in this great adventure is you (Cue anthem).


To start telling your story and creating the impact you crave, all you have to do is …


When you join THE LEAGUE, you start with THE LEAGUE’s exclusive core training - StoryWONDER.

Your story is the foundation for everything else to come. Your story helps build a community who connects with you on a deeper level. Your story builds brand loyalty. Your story sets up apart from the rest of the world.

To start: 

  • 30-minute onboarding call with me. (I want to know your name). 
  • THE LEAGUE kicks off with a 15-day storytelling challenge. (StoryWONDER mini-lessons and action steps to get you on track fast). 


To be accountable: I will check your lessons from the challenge and give feedback. After two weeks (or when you finish the challenge), receive: 

  • Advance storytelling modules + 
    • W.O.N.D.E.R. marketing plan (You’re unique marketing plan based on your story) 
    • WONDERfluence 30-day visibility plan (30 days of action, with truth or dare, how to be seen, media contacts)


To continue

  • Access to my calendar for one 15-minute call per month during office hours (First come first serve) 
  • Monthly "League Sessions" group Q&A call
  • Facebook group
  • "Power Boost" monthly masterclass learning a storytelling, marketing or media relations skill. You tell me what you need. I won’t assume I know. 

To rave: 

  • Eligible for THE LEAGUE Ambassador program (50% affiliate commission, free t-shirt and swag)
  • 50% off StoryWONDER LIVE event


Your story is about showing the world proof that you were here. To build and grow your influence people must know your name, but the first person you need to influence is yourself with the belief that you can do this and the belief that everything you need to achieve your vision, you already own. 

The greatest story ever told (or yet to be) is your own. 

  • You have to first believe it.
  • You have to believe that now is your time.
  • You have to believe that you can break down the barriers holding you back.
  • You have to believe change gon’ come.
  • You have to believe you have what it takes.
  • You have to believe your story matters.
  • You have to believe you can stand out from the crowd.
  • You have to believe in YOUR WONDER


THE LEAGUE, it’s not Gotham City, the Metropolis or even Themyscira -- this is not fantasy. 

THE LEAGUE is a network, a commUNITY, a haven where good people go to learn and create good marketing.

THE LEAGUE is not a membership, it’s a network of superfriends, a story, a movement.

THE LEAGUE is you.  It’s powered by your mission -- your desire -- your drive to reshape your thoughts about who you are and the world around you.


Who is THE LEAGUE for?

  • Brick and mortar business
  • Nonprofits
  • Online business owners (Coaches, consultants, authors, hobbyists)




  • For people ready to do things differently
  • For people looking for something new
  • For people who need an escape from the same routine.
  • For people who need meaning.
  • For people who know they have a story to tell.
  • For people who are tired of being insecure.
  • For people who are tired of feeling powerless.
  • For people who are tired of feeling mediocre.
  • For people who know they have something more to give to themselves.
  • For people who are ready to trust themselves.


Ultimately, THE LEAGUE is for Wonder Woman 2.0

All the world is waiting for you and the wonder you possess.




$97 per month ($200 value)

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