Tired of trying to figure things out on your own?

This session is just you and me figuring out your WONDER together.

You bring your vision, I'll bring the strategy and the plan. 

We'll meet via video message for a two-hour planning session which includes a written report and plan for next steps. 

After purchase, you'll book your session and complete the intake form before we meet.




You are unique, a one-of-a-kind: 

  • brand
  • leader
  • employee
  • entrepreneur
  • business owner
  • individual 

There is a WONDER inside of you. It’s as unique as your fingerprints and your DNA. And when used in marketing, it becomes the single-most-powerful weapon you have to stand out.

It’s a relationship builder. It builds trust and humanity and makes people care.

It’s a content creator. It frees you up from chasing and creating endless content creation.

It’s a memory maker. It allows people to remember who you are, build loyalty and create raving fans.

You want to be an influencer? You already are … because you hold the power of the one thing that makes you unforgettable … your story.

  • Maybe you’re an entrepreneur who wants to know how to set yourself apart so you can stand firmly in confidence that you can’t be duplicated.

  • Maybe you’re an employee loving your job or looking for another one (‘Cause everyone doesn’t want to start a business) who wants to understand why you’re in your field which helps you show up more committed in your current job or even at your next job interview. By the way, you can use your story in job interviews.

  • Maybe you own a nonprofit and you need to know how to tell the memoirs of your mission so you don’t set yourself up as the hero who can fix everything and potential clients, donors, and volunteers can see themselves in your services.

  • Or maybe you’re a business owner who needs a corporate identity so you can stop envying the other players in your industry.

Until you know how to uncover your signature brand origin story and until you know how to tell your signature brand origin story, your story remains inside you … waiting … until you’re ready to share it.

Your story. Your superpower. Are you ready?

In this two-hour session, we’ll discuss:

  • What you really sell? Hint: It’s not the product or service you offer
  • The “Why” Experience (You’re in business and it’s not to make money).
  • Your values and belief systems (‘Cause your brand story should reveal this).
  • The New World (In this world, what is your brand’s role?).
  • Emotion triggers (Why should people care?).

Here’s where the WONDER happens. I’ll take our conversation and create a written report to include:

  • Signature Brand Origin Story (No one can do what you do in the way that you do it).
  • 30-day Visibility Strategy (To use your story in social media and the real world).


52-page WONDERBOOK -- the exact program I teach at the live event (Keep refining your story + create new ones). 


Here's what others say about the Brand Story Intensive:


“I have worked with women for a long time. I was looking for someone to do for me what I do for others. I attended the live storytelling event and was really impressed by what I was able to uncover about myself. Reesy filled in some blanks for me about my experiences that I was unable to see. She really pulled it and made me get out of my head. I had the “what” and the “how”, I didn’t know “why” I did it. I now have a story I can use to pitch myself for speaking engagements. In fact, I was recently able to land a gig with my story.”

Deirdre, Owner, PlanD Global Events


"I wasn’t sure why I was in business beyond making money. With Reesy’s help, I was able to identify what my real values are and the reason why I am in business. I want to build a legacy for my son. I’m so grateful to her for showing me how to put it all together. I know what makes me unique and now I can use that to grow my business."

Ashton, Creative Director, A-Team Designs


What’s happens next?

After your purchase, instructions to book a session and pre-work questionnaire are sent via email. Note: Pre-work must be completed and sent to me before our session. This helps us get the most out of our time together.

All the world is waiting for you and the WONDER you possess. It’s time to tell your story.


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