12 Days to Slay the New Year


Still excited? Still declaring 2019 as your year or have you moved on waiting for the 2019 meme? 🤔 

Whether you set a word for the year or made a full-blown list, it’s time to change things up a bit.

You don’t need 12 days of Christmas, you need 12 days to figure out how to be the gift to your marketing. 

Welcome to 12 Days to Slay the New Year. “Cause slaying the year takes more than a power word or a meme. It takes action + implementation. (<--Two wonderful power words, by the way).

In 12 Days to Slay the New Year, get 12 video lessons on 12 pieces of marketing to help you finally check marketing off your list.

1. Mission 
3. Message 
5. Funnel

6. Email 
8. Content 
Social Media Ads

10. Management
11. Tools 
12. Tracking
+ a workbook and additional free resources so you can keep slaying long after the videos end. 

The "new year" is any day you dare to start.