StoryWONDER Beta


Here's what's included: 

➡️Week 1: StoryORIGIN - What are your superpowers? What makes you vulnerable? Why should we care? A good origin story answers these questions and more. Discover the formulas I use to help you craft the story of your lifetime.

Module 1: StoryORIGIN

Product Brands

  • “Why” Story
  • Pop Culture

Personal Brands

  • The Hero’s Journey
  • Experiences

➡️Week 2: StoryWORDS - How do you build your WONDERfluence? It’s all in your words from website copy to advertising, to offers, webinars and speaking gigs. Create binge-worthy content that makes people care.

Module 2: StoryWORDS

  • Manifesto
  • Brand Promise
  • Social Media


➡️Week 3: StoryBANK - Capture life’s everyday moments to build a catalog of stories you can always use to sell your products/services.

Module 3: StoryBANK

  • Every day events
  • Story Arc


➡️Week 4: StoryFEAR - What's really holding you back from telling your story? Fear shows up in many ways. Lasso that fear so you can get to the truth of what's keeping you stuck

Module 4: StoryFEAR

  • What is Fear
  • Lasso that Fear
  • #1 Reason You’re Afraid


➡️Week 5: StoryPITCH - What’s use in telling your story if no one knows you exist? Learn how to write a pitch that gets noticed and create a list of influencers and get in front of your story heroes.

Module 5: StoryPITCH

  • Podcasts, articles, guest blogs
  • Speaking/Teaching


➡️Week 6: A final q&a.

PLUS - StoryMARKETING - What's your true W.O.N.D.E.R. and how do you market it. 

Module 6: StoryMARKETING

W.O.N.D.E.R. Marketing Plan


➡️Bonus Module::

Beyond the Ideal Client

  • Brand Archetypes

All for only $297 (less than $50 a week).

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